It’s always great to get a chance to hear what other professionals in the industry say about their corporate events. At our networking event on Thursday, November 29th, we were lucky enough to brainstorm with other professionals in the event industry and ask what technology they think has the most potential to add value to corporate events.

According to those professionals, the answer was all about collaboration and sharing tools; such as digital screens and hypertiles as well as programs like Skype, Slack, Google Suite, and Survey Monkey. These tools and platforms open an entire world of possibilities for internal communication, increase work output, and promote conversation or brainstorming. Incorporating a number of social platforms and hashtags are also very important, an example an industry professional gave was that right when participants join an event give them a hashtag to use on their social media. Hashtags create buzz and digital engagement on variety of platforms. People can share ideas with one another away from the event space and continue their conversation or brainstorm after their session ends.

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