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A Fully-Equipped

Inspirational Meeting Space

OUR OPEN, AIRY FACILITY imparts feelings of fun, creativity, and wonder.

Large windows and abundant natural light

Inspiring decor

Expertly designed combination of direct and indirect lighting

13-foot ceilings

INTERACTIVE FEATURES help participants stay inspired and energized all throughout the day.

Stimulating games

Physically engaging toys

A variety of comfortable seating options

Open space to move around

A DYNAMIC LAYOUT makes it easy to brainstorm, share ideas, and translate them into action.

2,000 square feet of magnetic, movable whiteboards

~6,000 square feet of open, configurable space

A 24-foot long curved whiteboard wall to segment the space

Separate lounge for small group work and phone calls

THE TECHNOLOGY AND TOOLS needed for an outstanding off site are included with your booking.

Over 30 screens with a customizable digital signage system

Sound system with microphones and access to Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora

A variety of collaboration tools and office supplies

In-house color printing

Magnetic hypertiles

100 Mbps internet access

All the features and amenities listed above are included with your booking at no extra cost.

Included Event Support

When you book the Innovation Loft, the stage is set for a successful off-site before anyone arrives. We’ll work with you to decide on your desired layout then set it up ahead of time. Our team can also provide recommendations for catering, hotel, and post-session accommodations.

During your session, you can rely on our knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist with technology, provide unlimited beverages and snacks, and provide ongoing event support.


Our Event Services

The event experts who created the Innovation Loft are also available to design and facilitate your next session.

In addition to the many features and amenities included with a booking of the space, we also offer at additional cost:

EVENT Design Services

It’s critical that a session is planned with a clear purpose and actionable follow-through.

The Right Content

We’ll identify the knowledge and insights that participants need to collaborate effectively and figure out a variety of ways to expose them to it

The Right Activities

Our event facilitators have a toolbox of gamified exercises that get people to think outside the box and approach problems with creativity.

The Right Logistics

We make logistics easy at the Innovation Loft, providing assistance with attendee lists, participant communication, travel, catering, setup, and evening events.

Facilitation Services

Our facilitation experts can run the session and bring the day’s design to life.

Leading with Certainty

Their leadership and confidence can get participants to buy into the day’s outside-the-box agenda.

Running The Session Effectively But Flexibly

It’s important to keep the day on track while also making necessary adjustments on the fly, and our facilitators know how.

Managing Curveballs

Addressing curveballs productively is a key part of leading a session, and our facilitators can do it in a way everyone can respect.

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