Event Coordinators and Planners go through a rigorous planning process when it comes to executing any event.

Your perfect offsite event could not be made possible without the people in these positions, and they face a variety of challenges during the event’s planning process. Here are two of the greatest challenges event Coordinators or Planners face in holding an awesome corporate offsite event:



Attendees are the life of the event, literally. The purpose of any corporate event is to bring people together and work towards solving a common problem. Making sure the attendees show up, and stay focused and comfortable throughout the duration of the workshop is a difficult job to do. The environment of the event plays a huge role in its success. Find a space that stimulates conversation, collaboration, and boosts creativity while getting the most out of their time spent at the workshop.It is imperative to maximize the work output of those attending. Give the event some structure with a clear agenda and stick to it to keep everyone moving forward, but remember to incorporate team energizers and icebreakers to get people out of their seat, and comfort zone.

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