The experts at the Innovation Loft have provided you with a few tips to spark innovation and creativity.

Get Inspired

To be innovative you must first be inspired. You have to get your team in an innovative and creative mindstate. Toys, quotes, and games are a great way to get “those juices flowing”.

Be Collaborative

Collaboration tools are the vehicles that move a brainstorm forward. Having items such as hyptertiles or whiteboards and lots of markers are a great way to enable your entire time to get their thoughts out of their head and on paper.

Stimulate Communication

Try to Implement colors and natural light to stimulate communication. Getting your team sharing ideas with one another is how you find unique solutions to current problems.

Spark Excitement

Innovative thinking won’t come from a lackadaisical and uninspired team. Be sure to utilize team energizers or goofy tasks to keep everyone in a light mood and raise excitement.

Don’t limit your team

Provide your team with all the supplies they need to succeed. Don’t limit their thinking and creativity by not having the tools to expand on their thought. Have a surplus of office supplies on hand so your team can always get their thoughts out.  

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