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TeamStorming Facilitators Training

Day 1: Earning Your Wings

  • Intro: Why is innovation more essential now than ever?
  • Gamification: How to structure work as play
  • Ideation: How to generate 200 ideas in an hour
  • Iterate | Combine | Expand: How to make ideas 500% better
  • Fermentation: How the mind really comes up with great insights
  • Prioritization: How to pick a winner!
  • Action Planning: How to generate plans that are bold and achievable
  • Post-Event Momentum: How to be sure your event isn’t just a kumbayah
  • Facilitation Techniques: How to be a confident, dynamic and effective facilitator
  • Logistics | Mechanics: Making sure everything runs smoothly

Day 2: Leading the Charge

  • Why is innovation so difficult!?
  • The three secret ingredients to successful innovation
  • What does an innovation event look like?
  • How to reliably plan and execute an innovation event
  • Objectives: How to make sure we are all focused on the same result
  • Participants: Inviting the right people to a workshop session
  • Environment: How to create an inspirational and productive workspace for creative collaboration
  • What’s Missing: The most essential element of ideation events
  • Ownership: The most powerful motivator for innovation support
  • State: The key to achieving high engagement and peak performance
  • Teambuilding: Keys to team alignment


ImageThink Visual Problem Solving and Graphic Facilitation

Day 3: Visual Problem Solving

  • Killer flip charts and whiteboards
    • Improved Handwriting Skill
    • Tips & Tricks for reading bold imagery from a distance
    • Creating information hierarchy
  • Listening and synthesis techniques
  • Developing a custom icon library
  • Use models and metaphors for visual problem solving


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