Here at the Innovation Loft, we have our own I.D.E.A.s experts (Innovative Development and Engagement Advisors). Our I.D.E.A. team members are experienced leaders at stimulating creative ideas and providing some helpful tips to help cultivate conversation. Here are 6 tips for getting started in empowering creativity and collaboration in your next meeting.


1) Break The Ice

Getting comfortable with everyone in the room is essential for collaboration and prompting conversation.  Ice-Breakers are a fantastic way to start any meeting. Not only do they “up-the-energy”, but they also give participants the chance to get to know each other.


2) Enhance Your Environment

The environment where a meeting takes place is as important as the facilitator and participants. Fill the space with brain boosting and thought inspiring games and puzzles to get people thinking “outside-of-the-box”. You can’t expect people to think creatively if they’re stuck in a dim, blank boardroom!


3) Grab A Pen!

Always encourage quantity over quality and remember it’s not a real brainstorm unless there is scribbling involved. It’s important to have an ample number of pens, pencils, markers, index cards, sticky notes, or whatever you think will be the vehicle to get ideas out of people’s’ heads and onto paper within arm’s reach. Make sure no idea goes to waste!


4) Incorporate An Energizer

Great ideas come from high energy, so don’t spend the whole meeting sitting down! Encourage energy and new perspectives by incorporating fun and lighthearted activities.


5) Fuel The Innovation

Literally, fuel the innovation! Thinking is hard work, so don’t let people go hungry! Healthy snacks, staying hydrated, and caffeine are a must-have in every brainstorm session. You’ll be able to keep focus better if you aren’t crashing.


6) There Are No Bad Ideas

There are no wrong answers. Any idea or thought that comes out of a meeting could lead to the next BIG IDEA. Make sure that nothing gets discounted, and that all the information from the session is captured. You never know where the solution is going to come from, or what will create sparks for someone else.


Read 5 Tips For Sparking Creativity to learn how these same I.D.E.A.s bolster creativity throughout ideation sessions and group activities. Want more ideas on how to help your organization hold better brainstorming sessions? If you have any inquiries about our space and services or would like to hear more about strategies that empower innovation and collaboration, please don’t hesitate to email or give us a call at 646-692-3522.