On Thursday, November 29th we held our latest Event Industry Extravaganza! Event industry professionals of all levels came by for a cocktail, a fun group exercise, and, most importantly, networking. Participants were able to tour the Innovation Loft to see what makes our space the perfect environment for an offsite corporate events and workshops; such as […]

Through an evening of collective rhythms and engaging conversation, we were taught how crucial it is to create organizational structures that enable collaboration and cooperation. In search of a unique collaborative environment we joined Facilitator Pavel Lempert and Master Drummer Mangue Sylla from Drum Café. We spent an hour constructing a unifying drum cadence that […]

We took a trip to Boston! We took a trip to Boston for &THEN, the newly imagined 3 day experience from the Digital Marketing Association. The event was designed to spur new thought, change and put business as the heart of global marketing and innovation communications. The DMA enlisted the Innovation Loft, leaders in innovative […]

6 Tips for Brainstorming IDEA.s

The jig is up! You can get a head start in guiding your co-workers and teammates to better brainstorming and collaboration. Use these 6 tips to start empowering creativity and invention in your next meeting!

4 Lessons We Learned from FEI 2015

We attended the 13th annual Front End of Innovation conference in Boston and had the opportunity to meet new people with new ideas, held conversations and felt the general vibe of so much innovation under one room. There was so much great conversation, we wanted to share with you a few of the valuable lessons that […]

5 Things We Learned from 5 Financial Service Gurus

FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency (previously Moving Interactive) hosted a panel at the Innovation Loft that was focused on building lasting financial service companies.  The panelists include: Tim Meany – CEO of Kindling Declan Deneham – Managing Director of BNY Mellon Christina Mott – Glorbal Innovation Leader of Marsh Anthony Ferrier – CEO of Culturevate Patrick Wesonga […]