The Internet of Things…for Marketers

The tools and tactics of today’s digital marketers have never been so sophisticated or advanced. The breadth and scope of digital innovation is breathtaking. With a few clicks of a mouse, innovative marketers are now able to identify, target and communicate with customers across a variety of connected devices.
The fact is, it’s getting more difficult to acquire and retain customers — and it will only get more challenging as the emerging, hyper-connected “Internet of Things” takes hold.

In this context, marketers face a number of strategic questions, such as:

• How can marketers meaningfully engage customers and prospects?
• How can marketers best unlock the hidden value of their data?
• What will smart brands do with this information to drive experiences
and compel action?
• What are the privacy implications of the above?

This is the reality of Web 3.0 and the “Internet of Things”.

Come join me for an interactive, innovation event.

The format will be interactive with both presentations and small group discussions.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear what these thought leaders are seeing in the evolving space of digital marketing and participate in an innovation workshop.

I hope to see you and engage in discussion. Refreshments will be served before and after.

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