We’re going to Boston!


&THEN, the newly imagined experience from the Digital Marketing Association, has enlisted the leading innovators at Innovation Loft to spur change and put your business at the heart of the global marketing and innovation communities!

Offering a unique “Innovation Lift” for this three day experience, you’ll spend time with the industry’s most influential makers and disruptors. Take in keynotes from John Legend, Jon Iwata (IBM), and Blake Mycoskie (TOMS), master Direct Marketing Bootcamp, and get inspired as the Loft shares our break-through techniques with marketers of every generation.

We’d love for you to join us! You can use the code INNOVATION when registering to save $600 on an all-access pass.

Innovation Loft’s “Innovation Lift” experience is a highly creative and customizable brainstorming workshop environment created within the &THEN environment.

As an &THEN attendee, you’ll have a chance to tour Innovation Loft’s “Innovation Lift” environment, a purpose-built facility optimized for creative collaboration using principles of Collaboration Environment Construction. You’ll get free tips and consulting from the experts at Innovation Loft about how to construct environments at your own offices that are optimized for creative collaboration, and be invited to participate in brainstorming sessions based on Demand Generation topics, and led by the Innovation Loft team.


These sessions will be available by signing up at the Innovation Lift environment when you arrive, and will be an opportunity to learn the types of game-ified ideation techniques that are profiled in the upcoming book TeamStorming: How to Lead Ideation Sessions that Generate Breakthrough Results. These are the same techniques the Innovation Loft team uses to help clients like Avis, Visa, Nutrisystem, Clear Channel and NBC to develop highly novel solutions to challenging problems with maximum team alignment.

Don’t forget to stop by while you’re there — you won’t want to miss this!