Offsite workshops, training sessions, and other corporate events are crucial to developing your team and company. To get the most out of them, it is imperative to find the right meeting space. After all, a meeting’s environment heavily impacts the attitude and perspective of attendees as well as the outcome of the entire session. To help you elevate your next off site, the Innovation Loft’s corporate event experts have provided 5 of the most important features an offsite meeting space should have.


Collaborative Tools

Brainstorming is most effective when participants can freely bounce ideas off each other and iterate in a free-flowing, collaborative manner. Rather than worrying about scribbling down notes, participants should be able to generate ideas, immediately visualize them for their groups, and then save them for post-workshop follow-through, all without a second thought. By providing your team with a range of collaborative presentation tools, such as hypertiles and colored dots, and immense canvas space, such as whiteboards and poster board easels, you’re actively setting your team up for success.



In addition to providing an innovative experience, technology can directly support a session’s purpose. Digital screens can be used to drive home important messaging and contextual information, while high-quality audio can add excitement and enthusiasm to the room by elevating speakers’ voices and playing inspirational music. The ability to effortlessly capture and document the session’s ideas, takeaways, and key points through photography and scanning is also essential for putting your brainstorm into action once the day is over.



An offsite’s setting is vital to its success, as it should be clear to your team that this is not just another day at the office. Thus, rather than mirroring the same workspace your team goes to every day, your meeting space should feel different, imparting feelings of wonder and creativity to participants upon their arrival. A customizable, outside-the-box environment that is able to accommodate specific needs and be tailored to your session’s goals is essential for keeping attendees engaged, promoting ideation, and achieving transformational results.



A lack of necessary amenities can severely limit your team’s ability to achieve high-impact results. A robust supply of office supplies such as pens, markers, magnets and expos, as well as easy access to printing, will empower collaboration amongst attendees. It’s also helpful to keep everyone fueled and focused with an abundance of coffee, beverages, and snacks onsite. With everything readily available and close by, your team doesn’t have to run out to pick up Sharpies or walk around trying to find coffee. Instead, they can put all their energy towards achieving the day’s goals.



A centrally-located space that is easily accessible by various transportation methods will relieve a lot of unnecessary stress for your team. If you are from out of state, look to see if the venue has any hotel connections that can help simplify travel arrangements and increase convenience.  Furthermore, holding an event close to attractions and amenities adds a sense of excitement to the day, as participants can debrief and digest by exploring the space’s stimulating surroundings.



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