It’s always great to get a chance to hear what other professionals in the industry say about their corporate events. At our networking event on Thursday, November 29th, we were lucky enough to brainstorm with other professionals in the event industry and ask what technology they think has the most potential to add value to […]

The experts at the Innovation Loft have provided you with a few tips to spark innovation and creativity. Get Inspired To be innovative you must first be inspired. You have to get your team in an innovative and creative mindstate. Toys, quotes, and games are a great way to get “those juices flowing”. Be Collaborative […]

The environment we’ve crafted at Innovation Loft uses several different techniques to support both creativity and collaboration. How can you use decor to breathe some life into your environment? Here are a few simple tips and tricks for boosting the mood of your office.

There’s a simple improvement you can make to your product or service to eliminate a customer pain point and increase satisfaction and loyalty. But what is it? Review how Ziploc discovered one, and get some tips for figuring out how to identify the improvements that will pay off for you.