The facilitation experts at the Innovation Loft have provided 5 tips to incorporate into your next brainstorm to enhance idea generation, create a purpose-driven session, and develop high-impact results.


No Limitations

Don’t limit yourself with the constraints of your normal office space. Instead, bring people to a new environment that stimulates creativity and new ideas. Break away from the patterns and routines that often shackle free thinking. Some techniques we use in our innovation frameworks and workshops include: working in a different type of workspace, music, toys, time compression, physical activity and games, and mixing up teams in unexpected ways.



One of the most successful strategies we use at Innovation Loft is Gamification. Transforming the process of ideation and decision-making into a game creates a sense of competition, allows attendees to break out of their normal roles, and applies different thinking to the workshop. This practice is meant to get your session’s attendees to think and work together in new ways, come up with breakthrough ideas, and build on those ideas to bring them to fruition.


Focus On Your Objective

Have a reason for conducting your brainstorm. A clear purpose and a concrete objectives will help your team think kinetically to make progress toward reaching those set goals. Create a strategic agenda that allows for small group breakouts with various exercises focused on hitting all touch points throughout the session.


Think Like Your Target

Don’t fall into a rabbit hole and develop a streak of ideas based on the wrong track of thinking. When brainstorming, ask yourself WHO is supposed to benefit from the solution you are trying to achieve. By focusing on the needs, experience, and pain points of the user, you can more precisely align your goals, objectives, and purpose for the session.



Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

Very often, people have a difficult time explaining a new idea. Visualization tools such as projectors, monitors, or even canvas space such as whiteboards will help your team relay their thoughts to one another. Ensuring that all members achieve a solid understanding of what others are trying to say or propose is crucial to a productive brainstorm.


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