The facilitation experts at the Innovation Loft have provided 5 tips to incorporate into your next brainstorm to enhance idea generation, create a purpose-driven session, and develop high-impact results.   No Limitations Don’t limit yourself with the constraints of your normal office space. Instead, bring people to a new environment that stimulates creativity and new […]

Professionals in the event industry have to juggle coordinating participants, creating an agenda, finding a space, and a multitude of other tasks. The work doesn’t stop until the event is over, but experts in the industry have elaborated on the two priorities of a corporate event that are always on the top of mind and […]

Organizing corporate offsite events can be tricky for Event Coordinators and Planners. They have to put the entire event or workshop together, are responsible for taking people out of their day to day routine, and be on top of any issues that may arise. Here are 3 simple steps to consider to help play a […]

There are a lot of factors that go into planning an impactful event, and even more that go into ensuring it is a success. Here is a list of what should be top of mind when pulling together any offsite corporate event: Communication Communication is essential to have an impactful and successful offsite corporate event. […]

Event Coordinators and Planners go through a rigorous planning process when it comes to executing any event. Your perfect offsite event could not be made possible without the people in these positions, and they face a variety of challenges during the event’s planning process. Here are two of the greatest challenges event Coordinators or Planners face in […]

It’s always great to get a chance to hear what other professionals in the industry say about their corporate events. At our networking event on Thursday, November 29th, we were lucky enough to brainstorm with other professionals in the event industry and ask what technology they think has the most potential to add value to […]