Think Outside What Box?

We’re always told we need to “think outside the box.” But what is the box? In this post, explore the four “boxes” that commonly limit our thinking, and get insider tips on how to get outside them!

Can Office Decor Make You More Creative?

The environment we’ve crafted at Innovation Loft uses several different techniques to support both creativity and collaboration. How can you use decor to breathe some life into your environment? Here are a few simple tips and tricks for boosting the mood of your office.

The Gamification of Innovation

Need a successful strategy to get teams thinking and working together in new ways, and ultimately make a breakthrough? Turn the process of ideation and decision-making into a game. Why? Games are FUN!

Innovation is a hot term these days, and most CEOs will tell their employees and shareholders that they are committed to innovation. But what does that actually mean? Here are some key ingredients for selling innovation in your enterprise.

Need some help kick-starting creativity and vision in the workplace? Learn about the three key ingredients to igniting innovation and find the fuel to empower your team to achieve maximum results!

Pixar Agrees with Innovation Loft

Wondering why your work space isn’t inspiring creativity or collaboration in your team? Take a look at how Pixar Animation Studios studio uses their office space to inspire and energize, and how Innovation Loft uses similar innovation techniques and ideologies to achieve a collaborative and creative environment