Non-verbal communication and teamwork have been linked throughout history. The co-host of our upcoming Innovation Evening, Drum Cafe seeks to strengthen communication and alignment through movement and rhythm. On September 17th, join us to discover the benefits of bringing non-traditional methods into traditional corporate structures.

Healthy minds may depend crucially on rhythm,

said Dr. Oliver Sacks, who died last week at age 82. A prolific contributor to science and neurology, one of his award-winning books, Musicophilia, supports the Drum Cafe idea that responsiveness to music and rhythm is intrinsic to our makeup as human beings.

Dr. Sacks states that rhythm is basic and fundamental to theMusicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks human experience. He speaks about the exclusive ability of our species to be spontaneously rhythmic, and to pass rhythm to each other. It would seem that we are hardwired to groove together.

In Musicophilia, Sacks says “Rhythm, and it’s entrainment of movement — and often emotion, its power to move people, in both senses of the word, may well have had a crucial cultural and economic function in human evolution, bringing people together, producing a sense of collectivity and community.”

In this vein, Drum Cafe’s interactive rhythm experience is used as a business tool to affect change and build culture in the business community. Our facilitated, group-drumming experience creates an environment where the unique human propensity to pass rhythm back and forth becomes both method and metaphor for focus, cohesion and teamwork.

Just as rapid neuronal oscillations bind together different functional parts within the brain and nervous system, so rhythm binds together the individual nervous systems of a human community.Drum Cafe Logo

We at Drum Cafe thank Oliver Sacks for his luminous contributions to the study of music and the brain as we continue to transform companies into communities through this binding power of rhythm.

Need some inspiration? Watch Dr. Sacks’ The Power of Rhythm:


This post was written by Aviva Nash of Drum Cafe.

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