Innovating and innovation conference

FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency was able to help FEI facilitate a workshop structured around innovating their business propositions. Here’s how it went:  

Non-verbal communication and teamwork have been linked throughout history. The co-host of our upcoming Innovation Evening, Drum Cafe seeks to strengthen communication and alignment through movement and rhythm. On September 17th, join us to discover the benefits of bringing non-traditional methods into traditional corporate structures. Healthy minds may depend crucially on rhythm, said Dr. Oliver […]

There’s a simple improvement you can make to your product or service to eliminate a customer pain point and increase satisfaction and loyalty. But what is it? Learn how Ziploc recently discovered one, and get some tips for figuring out how to identify the improvements that will pay off for you.

The Danger with Innovation Friction

There’s a lot to be learned about innovation by looking at good ideas that just didn’t make it. We’d all like to believe that if we have an idea that genuinely improves upon something, and if we execute that idea correctly, the idea will be successful. But there is another factor to consider: Innovation Friction!

The Innovation Struggle

Accepting major change, or even in some cases small changes, isn’t easy for large companies. At Innovation Loft we’ve worked with scores of major brands on their efforts to conceive, create and launch new products, enter new markets, redefine their value propositions and distribution strategies, and address various types of transformations.

Innovation has the potential to generate value in at least three different spheres of benefit, but it’s common for us to see only one or two of the spheres being fully leveraged in any given organization. In this post, we explore three spheres of value which are useful when justifying investment in innovation, and also when seeking to achieve the maximum benefits from innovations that have already been developed.